What We Do

InLovingTribute™ is a social media site that enables family and friends to share memories about loved ones who have passed on.

We understand that losing anyone can be one of the most difficult events one can experience in life. InLovingTribute™ aims to ease this pain through means of allowing families and friends to create tribute pages to document just exactly who someone really was and how they touched their lives and others.

We aim to make it simple for family and friends to honor their loved ones in a unique and personalized way.

How We Do It

InLovingTribute™ enables our users to create an account to sign up as a "page administrator." After registering, a user can create a TributePage® for a loved one and access it from your computer, laptop or smart-phone. This activity is not meant to be a one-time viewing like an obituary. Rather, it is intended to be a gathering place of family and friends to return to often to share memories. Hopefully all those involved will find comfort in this mutual sharing.

Optionally, we also provide a scannable tag called a TribuTag as an additional means to connect a grave site to the created TributePage®. (The price of the TribuTag varies, depending on what type you choose.)

The TribuTag can be placed at a gravesite, a spot in a home or mausoleum, or simply placed where a loved one's ashes may have been placed. A QR-Code is built into the tag. When a visitor scans the TribuTag, they will be able to reach and view the TributePage® through your smart-phone.

Why We Do It

The story of InLovingTribute™ goes much deeper than simply providing technology to connect people to an online TributePage®.

In 2013, our sites founder, lost his own son in a tragedy. Upon visiting his son's gravesite one day, he reflected on how there was so much more to his son's life than just the few words that appeared on the headstone and wishing there was a way for people to know the warm and sensitive person his son was. As his eyes scanned throughout the entire lay of the cemetery around him, he realized that he likewise knew very little about all the other people buried nearby.

The thought persisted in how to create a way using technology to bring information to life about his son, so that anyone who might happen to visit his son's gravesite would also be able to find out more and valuable information about him. From that desire the TribuTag was born.

Knowing that he had his own passion to share the memories of his son, he was quick to understand that others will certainly have the same desire to share precious memories for their passed loved ones and friends.

It was this painful experience of losing someone special that brought this concept into reality.

Through this site, we desire to help you keep a lasting legacy to honor your special loved ones and friends who have passed and always keep them InLovingTribute™ .

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