Who can create a TributePage®?

- Anyone who is of legal age can create a TributePage®. All you need to do is create an account at InLovingTribute.com (if you haven't already done so), verify your login credentials, and after logging into the site, click on "Write Tribute" link found anywhere on the site, which takes you to the area for creating a new TributePage®. Typically, we ask that only close family members create TributePages for loved ones, since we like to only have 1 unique TributePage® per person. When the TributePage® is initially made, you become that new TributePage's administrator (or virtual caretaker) for your loved one's TributePage. You can make updates as desired when you are logged into the site.

What are the minimum requirements to make a TributePage®?

- We require that you have a first and last name, with the place of interment, date of birth, date of passing, cemetery name, and the administrator's email address. Then, we ask that you upload a picture for the main body of the TributePage® and write a sentence or two to get things started. Typically, people like to copy the loved one's obituary in this space since this is usually already done to begin the process, then add more detail after this. An obituary is not required, but it does allow one to quickly complete the TributePage® setup process. Again, you can always edit the page at any time.

How do I add my TributePage® to your search engine?

- Any TributePage® created by our user base will be automatically added to the index of the site’s internal search engine. This makes it easy for our users to check if a deceased person already has a TributePage® created for them.

1) How do I scan a TribuTag?

- Use the camera on a smartphone mobile device (i.e. iPhone or Android-based phone), to scan the QR code on a TribuTag. Just activate the camera, focus on the QR code, and adjust the distance as needed until the tag scans. Every phone manufacturer has a slightly different way of asking if you want to be taken to the website. Say "yes" and the appropriate memorial page for that loved one will be loaded.

2) Where can I put a TribuTag?

- When you receive your TribuTag, you can place it anywhere you like. You can place it on a cemetery headstone, inside a mausoleum, or a special spot at an inside or outside environment. It's best to place the TribuTag in a conspicuous area, so that visitors can easily find them. We recommend that for easier use, you place a TribuTag a spot that provies a space of about 1/4" around the TribuTag (so for a 2"x2" TribuTag = 2.5"x2.5" or total space) for best scanning results.

3) How does it work?

- When a user scans a TribuTag using a QR Code scanning/reader app from their smartphone device, the QR Code reader converts the graphics into data within the app (in this case a specific URL located within InLovingTribute.com), and then sends the user to the corresponding page tied to the loved one's TributePage®. This assumes that the user scanning the QR Code is in an area connected to the Internet. Otherwise, the scanner will store the URL until the user moves into a location that can provide a strong enough connection that can open up the TributePage® on the user's device.

1) How do I request a TribuTag?

- You can request a TribuTag here https://www.inlovingtribute.com/requesttag.aspx

What types of TribuTag are available to order?

- The round memorial tag (Picture 1) is 2 inches in diameter and has a secure adhesive that is perfect for installation on any smooth surface; Outdoors as well as indoors. Just peel and apply. The code is larger and is designed to be scanned by a smart phone from a distance of 12 to 20 inches. This longer scan distance will make it easier to scan while at the grave site.

- InLovingTribute Round Memorial Tag InLovingTribute rectangular Key FOB Tag

- The rectangular key fob tag (Picture 2) is 2 by 1 inches and has a pre-drilled hole to allow for installation on a key ring. It will also fit comfortably in your pocket

- Scanning either tag, with your smart phone or tablet, will take you directly to your loved one’s TribuPage.

Can I customize a TribuTag?

- Currently, we only have our standard TribuTag for request. More sizes of different shapes and design options are coming soon.

Some users have reported difficulties when using InLovingTribute’s “Get GPS” function to Geo-tag a Memorial location.

The symptom

Pressing the "Get GPS" button seems to do nothing and the data displayed is all zero's. This is primarily an issue with the iPhone.

There are two steps to try:

Resolution 1:
Make sure you are using a browser on your device. Safari and Chrome have been tested and approved but other browsers may work as well. The Google search app does not work.

Resolution 2:

  • From the Home Screen
    • Tap Settings
    • Select Privacy.
      • Tap Location Services
      • Make sure the switch next to Location Services is turned on. If not, then toggle to turn on
      • Scroll down and select the Google Maps app. Set permission to access GPS to "Always" or "When in Use".

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